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Employers That Don’t Pay Might Never Have to

Alfredo Alegria worked six-day weeks for 2000 Homes Inc., a company that buys houses in disrepair, then renovates and flips them for a profit. Alfredo earned $120/day carrying, drilling and installing 40 pound sheetrock walls and flooring. One day, at the end of Alfredo’s shift, his boss told him he […]


At odds again

Anthony Malkin and Andrew Penson are tied together by two of the city’s most iconic pieces of real estate — The Empire State Building and Grand Central Station. And they’re at odds for the second time this year.


Airbnb’s Fight for NYC

For New Yorkers, it’s a way to help pay the bills, and for tourists, it’s a way to save some money. But to the city and its hotel industry, Airbnb is a staggering threat. Airbnb, the wildly popular website that allows people to rent out their homes for short periods […]

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Zoning Hurdles for Brooklyn’s Tech Dreams

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, an urban planning project designed to bring more than a million square feet of office space and at least 20,000 tech jobs to the area by 2015, is a wildly ambitious attempt to steer public resources and private interest in a new direction. But the scope of the project, and the sheer number of initiatives involved, makes the complete realization of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle unlikely, at least anytime soon.