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Michael Chiang is a second-generation Chinese American who was born and raised in Queens. Chiang is part of the growing startup community in Queens and is the founder of two pet-related technology startups, MatchPuppy and FitBark. (Photo by Jeannie Choi.)

Growing Tech Boom Finds Third Home in Queens

A small number of startups have put Queens on the map as a potential place for the city’s expanding tech industry. Local advocates and business leaders believe the borough’s immigrant population—combined with affordable real estate and the promise of better amenities—could attract more companies to join its nascent tech scene and generate more jobs.

Zoning Hurdles for Brooklyn’s Tech Dreams
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Zoning Hurdles for Brooklyn’s Tech Dreams

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, an urban planning project designed to bring more than a million square feet of office space and at least 20,000 tech jobs to the area by 2015, is a wildly ambitious attempt to steer public resources and private interest in a new direction. But the scope of the project, and the sheer number of initiatives involved, makes the complete realization of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle unlikely, at least anytime soon.