1. Uber- This ride sharing app has dominated the ride sharing app industry in NYC and in major cities across the nation. According to a study done by Todd W Schneider, yellow taxis provided 60,000 fewer trips in January 2016 compared to January 2015. While in the same time period Uber provided 70,000 more trips per day. Talk about game changing.

2. Lyft- This app comes in second to the ride sharing apps known in NYC. Nevertheless, it seems like Uber’s still the winner when it comes to the number of trips per day. According to Todd W Schneider’s study of Taxi and Limousine Commission data, on July 30th Uber’s number of trips reached 204,826 while on the same day Lyft’s number of trips was only 30,350. While Uber seems to be beating Lyft when it comes to the number of trips, in some ways Lyft is nicer to it’s drivers. On the Lyft app passengers can add a tip to their trip, while on Uber passengers cannot.

3. Juno- Speaking of “niceness” this app prides themselves on their treatment of drivers in NYC and the drivers have plenty of reasons to be happy. Juno drivers get equity shares in the company and 24-hour support.

4. Gett- This black car ride sharing service allows riders to take $10 dollar rides anywhere in Manhattan for up to 30 minutes and 4 miles.

5. Via- This ride sharing app is unlike the others. Similar to a combination of a taxi and a bus, riders share a Via with 2 to 5 other riders, providing more of a community feel. Via offers what other apps lack in lower prices. For a fee of 5 to 6 dollars (excluding rides to airports) riders get dropped off on street corners in Manhattan anywhere south of 125th street during certain hours.

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