Author: Erica Jackson


Uber in Nassau County, Long Island

Kevin McKenna, a dispatcher for Long Beach Taxi has had around a 50 percent drop in his business to Uber drivers operating illegally in Nassau County. “It’s sad. You know it’s hurting the business and all the way down to the individual drivers that don’t deserve it. These are guys […]


Top Ride-Hailing Apps In NYC

1. Uber- This ride sharing app has dominated the ride sharing app industry in NYC and in major cities across the nation. According to a study done by Todd W Schneider, yellow taxis provided 60,000 fewer trips in January 2016 compared to January 2015. While in the same time period […]


Flywheel App Comes to New York City

An e-hailing app called Flywheel, is making its way into the New York City market and its technology could save the yellow taxi industry. According to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, Flywheel technology is currently operating in its alternative technology pilot and is being tested in 10 cabs in […]