Author: Laura Bult


In Spite of Friction in New York, the Sharing Economy Is Here for Good

Yan, a 24-year-old consultant, has rented out an apartment through Airbnb the past few years in fear. He hides his business from his landlord so that he doesn’t get evicted from his Midtown East luxury apartment. He also worries about whether he is violating local illegal hotel laws. The demand […]

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New York Doesn’t Like to Share

Last week San Francisco created a legal framework for short-term rental companies, marking an important victory for their homegrown sharing startup, Airbnb.   The new legislation will permit Airbnb hosts to rent out rooms in their homes so long as the they live there at least nine months out of […]


Airbnb’s Not the Only One with Skin in the Home Sharing Game

Airbnb, the poster child of the sharing economy, is bearing the brunt of a media campaign launched by housing advocates, legislators and hoteliers. The ShareBetter coalition says Airbnb violates local illegal hotel laws and put down 3 million dollars on a marketing campaign to make sure that New Yorkers know. […]