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Trash bill opponents scrambling as legislation gains steam

Over the weekend, 14-year-old Mario Valenzuela was killed in Queens. Photos from the scene show the teen’s bicycle hanging from the wheels of a dump truck. The distraught driver said he felt a bump before coming to a stop. The truck belongs to Limited Interior Group, and is one of […]


Minimum wage hike kicking consumers in or out?

The menu prices at your favorite local coffee shops may be getting a little bit higher and it’s all thanks to the new minimum wage increase. The minimum wage for workers at all New York City firms with more than 10 employees rose to $15 last Dec. 31, the latest […]


Times Square landlords are losing to Hudson Yards, but there’s hope

The far west side neighborhood of Hudson Yards boasts new buildings, a city within Manhattan and beautiful views. Times Square offers noise, smelly streets and too many tourists. Some companies who lease their offices in Times Square want something new, so they’re leaving. Times Square landlords, however, aren’t giving up […]


Tensions are Brewing in the Distilling Business ahead of a Lucrative Legislative Session

Distillers, now taking advantage of liberalized laws, celebrated their progress at the inaugural New York Craft Beverage week in November. However, despite the toasting and tastings, tensions are quietly rising among New York state spirits distillers, as they continue jockeying for more freedoms from the legislature in Albany.   Pressure […]


The Brews are Flowing Out of Brooklyn

Barrels of whiskey and bags of malt are stacked inside Van Brunt Stillhouse’s 5,500-square foot distilling room. Creating a narrow path to a cooper vat, the tight space is where the Red Hook brand makes their signature whiskey and rum.     Van Brunt Stillhouse produces 6,000 barrels of whiskey, rum, […]

East Harlem

Nonprofit Developers Left Behind, Will de Blasio’s Fund Help Them?

Mayor Bill de Blasio administration’s proposed rezoning of East Harlem is expected to move to a final City Council vote at the end of November. With for-profit developers being tapped to build large affordable housing developments in the neighborhood, a popularly heard complaint of community activists here is that the […]

East Harlem

Kenneth J. Knuckles Supports East Harlem Rezoning

As East Harlem braces for change, Kenneth J. Knuckles finds himself at the center of action. in the face of significant public opposition, the City Planning Commission and CPC Vice Chair Knuckles approved Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to rezone East Harlem in October. And with this decisive approval, the […]


Music and Beer with Chris Cuzme of Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

  Chris Cuzme is marrying his two passions in life. By day, he is the owner and head brewer at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, but by night, he entertains beer drinkers with his saxophone.     After 10 years working in the beer industry for breweries and creating marketing campaigns, he’s […]