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Minimum Wage Hike Threatens Food Manufacturing Job Growth

Increased pay for low-wage workers has small New York City businesses worrying about expanding, or, in some cases, already downsizing.  Others are forced to move out of the state or replace employees with machines. As measured by jobs, food is the city’s largest manufacturing sector.  Between 2005 and 2015, the […]



Union construction companies, once the dominant builders in New York City, have been forced to cut wages and benefits to compete with the cheaper non-union firms that have increasingly elbowed their way into the metropolitan marketplace. After the recession of 2008, developers looking to build in the city were presented […]

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How Top Corporate Law Firms Are Buying Influence

In New York City, partners at top corporate law firms are maxing out on donations to congressmen that hold sway over federal court appointments and judiciary hearings. New York lawyers are the top contributors to Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, doling out just under $128,000 for the House Judiciary Committee member’s […]

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Groundhog Day in Far Rockaway

For decades Far Rockaway has been a land apart from the rest of the city. Situated on the far east side of Queens, almost on the border with Nassau county, this beach front community has long struggled with the issues of economic growth and social mobility that have plagued other […]


Changing Zones: Making Room for Affordable Housing

Zoning meant to protect New York City residents is being repealed in order to make room for the Mayor’s affordable housing plan. The Presbyterian Church of St. Albans, in a contracting deal with upstate development company Trinity Associates is taking advantage of new leverage to change established zones. Together they […]