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East Harlem

Nonprofit Developers Left Behind, Will de Blasio’s Fund Help Them?

Mayor Bill de Blasio administration’s proposed rezoning of East Harlem is expected to move to a final City Council vote at the end of November. With for-profit developers being tapped to build large affordable housing developments in the neighborhood, a popularly heard complaint of community activists here is that the […]

East Harlem

Kenneth J. Knuckles Supports East Harlem Rezoning

As East Harlem braces for change, Kenneth J. Knuckles finds himself at the center of action. in the face of significant public opposition, the City Planning Commission and CPC Vice Chair Knuckles approved Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to rezone East Harlem in October. And with this decisive approval, the […]


Changing Zones: Making Room for Affordable Housing

Zoning meant to protect New York City residents is being repealed in order to make room for the Mayor’s affordable housing plan. The Presbyterian Church of St. Albans, in a contracting deal with upstate development company Trinity Associates is taking advantage of new leverage to change established zones. Together they […]

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421-a Tax Abatement Only For Developments Paying Prevailing Wage For Construction Workers

   Developers and construction unions say the new 421a tax abatement is necessary to build new apartments in New York City — but critics disagree. “It’s extraordinarily expensive and it’s taken an inefficient program and made it more inefficient — some more affordable housing units, but mostly it’s just subsidizing […]

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Real Estate Salesperson Helps Low-Income Renters

DaMarius Edwards, 24, was in a financial bind when he signed up to help New Yorkers to find homes of their own. Working on his passion, producing beats and rapping, which he had moved to New York to pursue, wasn’t bringing in any income. He had to figure out how […]