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Rezoning Puts East New York on the Housing Radar

Five months after the passage of the de Blasio administration’s first neighborhood rezoning, investment in East New York’s housing market has increased. Both residents and realtors have taken an interest in selling homes in the neighborhood now that the area is “on the map” after extensive debate over it’s rezoning […]

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African American Airbnb Hosts Criticize State Bill

The controversial Airbnb bill yet to be signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is drawing criticism from African American users of the popular homesharing website. In an effort to prevent illegal hotels, the bill, passed by the state legislature this summer, bans users from listing rentals for entire apartments […]


3D Printing Jobs Hype

3D printers can make just about anything these days. Saltshakers shaped like your head. Runway fashion. Custom prosthetics and hearing aids. Dream it, and you can print it. But can 3D printers make jobs?