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What Employers are Looking for: Specialized Education

Having a college degree may not be a major factor in obtaining a job anymore, as specialized education has become widely popular in what employers are looking for future employees. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2015, only 33% of Americans actually have a bachelor’s degree or higher. […]

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Lack of Higher Education Affects Job Prospects

Community organizations and schools are working to make sure students end up on the appropriate track so they can benefit the most from available high paying jobs. Most jobs that have high salaries require a college degree, especially those in the growing technology sector. Yet there are jobs that only […]

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Charter School Rally Calls Attention To Failing Public Schools

Charter schools are keeping the pressure on Mayor de Blasio concerning their future and impact on New York City kids. Two weeks ago, Families for Excellent Schools hosted a rally that gathered about 10,000 charter school supporters according to crowd-controlling police officers. It called for city officials to address the issue […]


Largest After-School Expansion in History of NYC

Mayor Bill De Blasio has now shifted his focus from tots to tweens. “Learning shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings…” said Mayor de Blasio. “We’re making headway in providing our young adults with an engaging and supportive environment that will keep our kids off the streets and out of […]