In Changing Harlem, A Homegrown Vision for Affordable Housing

Ed Poteat at his office in Harlem. Those who grew up in Harlem’s rougher years may hardly recognize the neighborhood today, now home to an American Eagle, Whole Foods, and a lot more white people. While some criticize gentrification, others see a brighter side – including Ed Poteat, 47, an […]


Sekou Siby fights for fair wages for restaurant workers

BY: STEPHANIE CHUKWUMA Sekou Siby left the war-stricken and politically unstable Ivory Coast in 1996 in search of better opportunities in New York, a place his friends in West Africa described as “easy to live and welcoming”. Upon arriving on a tourist visa, Siby quickly realized that was not the […]

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The good, bad, and ugly of the ‘Fair Workweek’ Laws

Just like many college students, 20-year-old Ama Boafa finds herself having trouble figuring out how she can afford textbooks and common meals. As a result of her desperate need to fulfill her education while securing some income, she began to work as a work-study student at her college sociology department. […]


How the AAF’s Census Work Builds A Better New York For Asian-Americans

For three decades and counting, the Asian American Federation (AAF) has made a difference for the enclaves of Asian communities throughout New York City and state. The organization has worked to not only get New York’s Asian community involved politically but to oversee the well-being of these often disenfranchised people. […]


Queens Is Open For Business

Despite Amazon’s decision to pull out of the deal that would have put the tech behemoth’s HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens, local residents and leaders still see the neighborhood, and the borough at large, as a destination for tech companies.  And those leaders are doing what they can to […]


New York Fast Food Workers are getting serious about unionizing.

Fast food workers in New York City are pushing towards unionization.  After winning a 15 dollar minimum wage, workers at Chipotle and McDonald’s restaurants are organizing with SEIU local 32BJ have begun forming committees and signing union cards indicating their commitment to the union effort.  “The demand of the Fight […]