NYC Tech Center Aims to Diversify the Tech Industry

In September of 2016, AJ Vandermeyden filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Tesla, her employer. The female engineer alleged the tech giant paid her less than her male counterparts, and ignored multiple complaints of sexual harassment she logged against her male coworkers. Another Tesla employee said that women coworkers were […]


The Tech Talent of Tomorrow—New Moms

After years of working as a product manager in an ad tech company, Svetlana Shammasova decided she wanted to learn how to code. She earned a fellowship at the Fullstack Academy, and began learning web development, but needed to drop out when she became pregnant. After her daughter was born, […]


Fixing Gender Inequality for NYC Tech Start-ups

Hurricane Sandy struck New York City in 2012, knocking out power and leaving residents and storeowners desperate to access digital data. One New Yorker saw how access varied among users, and created a service that would allow local businesses to search for available data sources. Aileen Gemma Smith, founder and […]


CUNY Students Bring Diversity to the Tech Industry

Two years after Cornell Tech and The City University of New York established a program to bring more women into tech companies in New York, the number of female CUNY students who declared computer science as their major has risen by 27%. The program, called WiTNY: Women in Technology New […]

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What Employers are Looking for: Specialized Education

Having a college degree may not be a major factor in obtaining a job anymore, as specialized education has become widely popular in what employers are looking for future employees. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2015, only 33% of Americans actually have a bachelor’s degree or higher. […]

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Lack of Higher Education Affects Job Prospects

Community organizations and schools are working to make sure students end up on the appropriate track so they can benefit the most from available high paying jobs. Most jobs that have high salaries require a college degree, especially those in the growing technology sector. Yet there are jobs that only […]