Music and Beer with Chris Cuzme of Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

  Chris Cuzme is marrying his two passions in life. By day, he is the owner and head brewer at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, but by night, he entertains beer drinkers with his saxophone.     After 10 years working in the beer industry for breweries and creating marketing campaigns, he’s […]


Nation’s First Bike Share Workers Union Looks Outward

Quick Facts Citi Bike workers fluctuate from 230 in the peak season, to around 160 in the off season. TWU 100 represents over 500 public bike share employees nationwide, in New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC. After finalizing the contract, full-time Citi Bike employees received an immediate 10% raise. […]

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Employers That Don’t Pay Might Never Have to

Alfredo Alegria worked six-day weeks for 2000 Homes Inc., a company that buys houses in disrepair, then renovates and flips them for a profit. Alfredo earned $120/day carrying, drilling and installing 40 pound sheetrock walls and flooring. One day, at the end of Alfredo’s shift, his boss told him he […]


Airbnb’s Not the Only One with Skin in the Home Sharing Game

Airbnb, the poster child of the sharing economy, is bearing the brunt of a media campaign launched by housing advocates, legislators and hoteliers. The ShareBetter coalition says Airbnb violates local illegal hotel laws and put down 3 million dollars on a marketing campaign to make sure that New Yorkers know. […]


At odds again

Anthony Malkin and Andrew Penson are tied together by two of the city’s most iconic pieces of real estate — The Empire State Building and Grand Central Station. And they’re at odds for the second time this year.


Airbnb’s Fight for NYC

For New Yorkers, it’s a way to help pay the bills, and for tourists, it’s a way to save some money. But to the city and its hotel industry, Airbnb is a staggering threat. Airbnb, the wildly popular website that allows people to rent out their homes for short periods […]


De Blasio Promises Support to Immigrant Owned Businesses

One of the two Mayoral candidates who will soon face off in a general election, De Blasio is the only one to present a plan that would look to specifically benefit immigrant owned small business owners, a portion that represents almost half of all small business owners.

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Zoning Hurdles for Brooklyn’s Tech Dreams

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, an urban planning project designed to bring more than a million square feet of office space and at least 20,000 tech jobs to the area by 2015, is a wildly ambitious attempt to steer public resources and private interest in a new direction. But the scope of the project, and the sheer number of initiatives involved, makes the complete realization of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle unlikely, at least anytime soon.