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How Top Corporate Law Firms Are Buying Influence

In New York City, partners at top corporate law firms are maxing out on donations to congressmen that hold sway over federal court appointments and judiciary hearings. New York lawyers are the top contributors to Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, doling out just under $128,000 for the House Judiciary Committee member’s […]

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A Wall Streeter Jumps To Tech

Greg Golkin went to work on Wall Street straight out of Wharton in 2006. A sharp-as-a-tack Upper East Side native, Golkin, 30, knew that if he worked hard, success and wealth were his for the taking. But after tours at investment firms and hedge funds, he jumped ship to the […]

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Tech is too cool for B-school

Everyone from the mayor to business leaders to real estate brokers is betting on tech as the next engine of the city’s economy. But business school students aren’t. They remain committed to finance, though now they want to work for hedge funds and private equity rather than the big-name banks. […]