Rockaways chocolate factory reopens, but recovery is slow

Business is ramping up slowly for Madelaine Chocolate, the Rockaways chocolatier that reopened two weeks ago after Superstorm Sandy shuttered operations last year. The Queens company is among the many small businesses that has had to decide whether the cost of rebuilding in a flood zone is better than relocating […]

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli speaks to the community and ethnic press at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. (Photo by Ann Marie Awad)

Immigrants foster economic growth, report shows

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s report on the impact of immigrants on the city’s economy shows a bright future for New York’s diverse enclaves in neighborhoods such as Jackson Heights, Coney Island and Elmhurst. DiNapoli seemed optimistic that Mayor elect Bill de Blasio would find yesterday’s report reaffirming to many of […]

An artist's rendering of public realm improvements to Vanderbilt Avenue as part of the East Midtown Rezoning. Image from the Department of City Planning.

East Midtown’s Next Step

  The fate of Mayor Bloomberg’s ambitious plan to rezone a wide swath of Midtown remained uncertain Tuesday after a six-hour City Council hearing. Representatives of the mayor failed to convince the zoning committee to approve the controversial plan before the mayor leaves office in December. The proposal would upzone […]

(Photo by Fausto Pinto)

Queens BID Fights Strong Resistance

The plan to form a Jackson Heights-Corona Business Improvement District, has hit a snag after a group of local business owners and residents have voiced opposition to the plan, but organizers of the BID say they will take as much time is needed to drum up local support and form the BID.

Driver Natalyia Esperson, 22, takes passengers on a ride through Central Park. (By Rachel Bryson-Brockmann)

Horse-Drawn Carriages Fear It’s Over

The horse-drawn carriage industry, comprised of about 300 drivers and more than 200 horses, is harshly criticized by animal rights groups who say the horses are mistreated, don’t belong in city traffic, and could successfully be replaced with electric cars. But the drivers say they are animal lovers who work with very healthy horses, the industry wouldn’t survive if electric cars took over, and tourism could suffer.